The Team

The Team

Tony Vorreiter - Owner

The main man that holds it all together, Tony and Bridget have owned Shearwater Restaurant since 1998, as owner operator he still has time to have a good laugh with his staff and guests. Tony and Bridget have 3 sons, Isaac, Dominic, and Dylan, they all help out in the Restaurant.

Peter Cram - Apprentice Chef

Peter is an organic soul who has completed an adult apprenticeship at Shearwater. Peter is a great father and fantastic member of the Shearwater family.

Liam Ellis - Apprentice Chef

Liam the son of Michael has been brought up in restaurants and around food, Liam is fulfilling his destiny by training to become a chef.

Jessie Fisher -

Jessie is a great waiter and a valued member of our team, Jessie is studying to become a vet and can speak three different languages, so no blonde jokes please..

Sarah Lavis -

Sarah has comeback to Shearwater and absolutely loves it after managing pulp shoes for 5 years.
She brings a lot of experience and enthusiasm to our team.

Sheree Harrington - Waiter

Sheree is awesome. That sums her up. We wish she could be here more.

Leah Thornbourough - Waiter

Leah is an absolute restaurant legend. She has been working at Shearwater for over ten years off and on and I’m sure there are many more to come.